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I have been privileged in my life to travel overseas several times. A few times for pleasure, but most have been with a missions focus.


I have traveled to West Africa, El Salvador & Honduras. I was also able to be a part of the amazing crusade in the Philippines where thousands received this Holy Ghost. It was on this trip that we made a stop on the way in Hong Kong where I proposed to my beautiful wife, Holly, on Victoria’s Peak.


I have been a part of helping to build bible schools, worked with a team from this church to remodel an old worn out bible school, and helped host crusades that many new lives have been born into God’s Kingdom.


Although I hate leaving Columbia and Graves Creek Rd., I would not take anything for these experiences in my life. It has shaped my view of the world and humanity. I’ve often said that it should be a requirement for pastors to travel outside of the United States so they can understand that the world is bigger than our town, city, state, and country. It’s nearly impossible for a pastor that has traveled to 3rd world countries and seen the poverty, devastation, & hunger for God not have a passion for missions.


It’s so easy to get in our own comfortable worlds and forget the mass of people worldwide. I remind you today that God is not American, and He’s much more concerned about all of humanity that we can possibly imagine.


We live in perilous times. When you read the book of Revelation it almost feels like you are reading one of our newspapers. There is no doubt that God is doing great things in the earth. The question is are we going to be a part of it?


On September 11, 2015 The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the current refugee crisis that the world is facing as a result of the upheaval in the Middle-East and parts of Africa.


The part of the article that stood out to me said: “It is the first migration crisis of the 21st century, but it is unlikely to be the last. The rise of identity politics across the Middle East and much of sub-Saharan Africa is setting off waves of violence..”


In response to this new reality, roughly 4 million men, women and children are leaving their country of origin in search of a country that is free from the threat of violence and persecution. 700,000 have sought refuge in Europe. The United States has been considered offering refuge to 10,000 with many more waiting to come. These individuals are refugees.

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Jerron Carney

Jerron Carney

Senior Pastor


Pastor Jerron and his wife, Holly, were elected Lead Pastor of Woodlawn in 2013. Prior to their election, Pastor Jerron served Woodlawn, since 2005, in student ministry and as Administrative Pastor. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, School of Business with an emphasis in accounting. He is the proud father of Jane-Claire, Jack, & Everly June. They are his greatest source of joy. He enjoys the outdoors through hunting and golf… Go Saints!