The Bridge

Leaving to go to college is often associated with leaving God behind.  In the Bridge, we offer college students and career individuals a specific way to plug into the body of Christ with your peers.  In E-Merge, questions that are asked include “What is God calling me to do?”, “What should I major in?”, “How should I conduct myself when dating?” and “When should I get married?” Our purpose is to help students’ transition into the life of a young adult and find their Kingdom calling.


If you’re single and older than 25, we invite you to journey with other singles. We believe that while you live an independent life on your own, you don’t have to do so alone. So whether you’re trying to date or have recently become single, you have a place in SOLO.

Young Marrieds

Marriage is a big step in life. As you and your spouse walk with God together, we want you to develop relationships with other couples that are on this journey.  Together, we seek out Biblical answers to such questions as: “How do we train our children in God’s ways?”, and “How do I integrate my life as a father or mother with my role as businessperson?” Mixed with small groups, and larger teaching venues, life after marriage can be healthy and joyful – for newly weds to age 45.

Prime Time

Most people age 45-60 are in the prime of their life. You’re firmly established in your career, your kids are almost or already grown, and you may be expecting your first grandchild. In our weekly sessions, we ask questions such as “What’s next for me?”, “How do I give back and leave a legacy for future generations?”, “How do I live as an empty nester?” and “What is God calling me to do in this stage of life?” We believe our prime timers have a wealth of knowledge to offer our church and our community.

The Seniors

With age often comes wisdom.  Those that are 60+ have experienced much, and they have tremendous stories to tell.  Together we explore topics like the end times, what is the covenant, and details of the creation story.  You will also discover what it means to be pillars in our community and examples to future generations. We believe that God has a plan for you – no matter your age.

Are you ready?

Attending a big church can be overwhelming – 
We know because most of the people here grew up in a small church environment.